Making a happy, beautiful home should be a happy, beautiful experience

Every home, no matter how modest or grand, deserves to be beautiful. At Kalluna, we fill interiors with life, color, and texture with the goal of helping our clients express their personalities and tastes through design. Importantly, we simplify the design experience to three simple steps, so the process is easy — and fun!

We make premium interior design accessible to all.

“Anyone that has ever purchased a sofa deserves an interior designer. Furniture remorse shouldn’t exist; your home is too important to leave to chance.”
Heather Van Eyk, Founder

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We believe good design is rooted in education and collaboration. That’s why we provide a fun way to stay connected with our community — and get savvy design advice and inspiration as well. Just sign up here to get access to news, design ideas, and more.

Good interior design should never be out of reach for anyone.

If you have ever purchased a piece of furniture, artwork, or a can of paint, you deserve access to the knowledge that will help you turn your house into a home and make design choices that stand the test of time. We created Kalluna to help homeowners make smart, actionable choices in creating their living spaces in a fun and uncomplicated way.

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Visit our studio in Seattle Washington or Albany Oregon and find your inspiration. Browse our furniture, blinds, and finishes or speak with one of our experts to discuss your upcoming project.

We are open Monday-Friday from 10am-5pm

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Beauty is in the Eyes — And Hands — of the Beholder

Your beautiful new home already exists somewhere inside of you. Our team of expert designers know how to bring it out and make it real. Through a combination of careful questioning and thoughtful design, we help homeowners discover their ultimate design vision and make it come alive. With our help, your design dreams are within reach.