High Quality, Affordable Design

Kalluna was born from the concept that every home deserves great design. Founder Heather Van Eyk created Design House, now Kalluna, to be an incubator for design talent. She combined her life-long passion for textiles and color with a deep knowledge and understanding of building and construction to create a design philosophy that offers something for every budget.

But as Heather knows, good design takes years of understanding and knowledge to grasp. That is why every designer working at Kalluna goes through the same rigorous immersion in design knowledge —
from color to construction. This in-depth training means each Kalluna designer can help create a perfect combination of design and structure to transform rooms into living spaces and houses into homes.

And each designer embraces Heather’s philosophy that good design should be affordable for everyone. That is why Kalluna offers targeted design packages to meet the needs of every homeowner, regardless of budget level.

Sustainable Design — In Every Way That Matters

Kalluna emphasizes sustainability in design. For many people, sustainability means sourcing products that are kind to the planet and creating designs that minimize environmental impacts. While Kalluna embraces this traditional meaning of sustainability, we add another layer of sustainable function to our designs.

Over the years, we have personally sourced hard and soft furnishing lines that create finely crafted products that are made to last. We know when we purchase a piece for your design from our creators, you have an element that will stand up to the rigors of daily life for years to come. Our vendors stand behind their creations, too, ensuring that if the item you purchase shows undue wear or malfunctions, it will be fully repaired or replaced.

In that way, we add another layer of sustainability to your home’s design. Sustainability means choosing ethically produced furnishings that also last, relieving pressure on overburdened landfills even while they add a touch of timeless elegance to your living space.

– Heather Van Eyk, Founder & Designer

Our Philosophy in a Nutshell:

Design should be fun and provide a unique experience customized to each homeowner, without complication and stress. We celebrate the individuality of our clients and believe a space should capture their spirit. For that reason, all our bespoke designs are custom-tailored to the needs, wants, and challenges that are meaningful to our clients.

Besides caring about creating thoughtful, beautiful, and functional interiors, we also care about our community. While providing one-of-a-kind designs to our customers, we take into consideration the environmental impact of each design element. The interior design industry is filled with products that created to be discarded in a year — or even five, leaving a negative impact on our planet. At Kalluna, we source products that are meant to stand the test of time, reducing landfill waste and providing your home with effortless, timeless design.

Our mission is to create beautiful and
functional homes for our clients.