Mix Patterns Like a Pro

Textiles are a wonderful way to make a big impact in your home without undertaking a major construction project.  Pillows, rugs, drapes or other fabric window treatments add a pop of color, texture and pattern that can bring a bland room to life.  Here are some easy tips to follow to get the most bang for your buck as well as help you MIX PATTERNS LIKE A PRO!

Play with scale:

When mixing patterns, you need to represent different scales so they do not compete.  Aim to have one very large-scale pattern, a medium pattern and a small-scale pattern. 

Patterns matter: 

If you choose to have a large geometric pattern, then avoid using a geometric on another textile.  The same is true for florals.  Use a type of pattern such as a floral, geo, stripe, or dot only one time.  

Mix patterns and scale of patterns to achieve a dynamic and interesting design for your room that you are sure to love for years to come!