Performance Fabrics for the Way You Live

If you’re like most people, you may struggle with keeping your furniture looking clean and fresh — especially if you have kids and pets. After all, stains happen! But with performance fabrics, you can kiss stained upholstery goodbye. These innovative fabrics can handle everyday stains and spills to keep your house both practical — and stylish.

Performance fabrics are specialty fabrics that are created specifically to withstand the kind of wear and tear that the average household can dish out. They are exceptionally easy to clean, making them the perfect choice to stand up to hard use by kids, pets, guests, and a fast-paced schedule.


What’s so Special About Performance Fabric?

Performance fabrics are designed with durable fibers that are surrounded by a special solution that helps to resist stains and spills. When accidents happen (and we know they do!), simply blot the stain with a damp towel immediately. Tougher stains are no problem either. Just use soap and water and a towel to clean them up.


Performance Fabric Benefits

Performance fabrics can add beauty and value to all areas of your home. Because they were developed for harsh environments, including marine environments that include exposure to sun and salt water, they are exceptionally durable. These fabrics have UV blocking capabilities as well as stain resistance that is built right into the fabric, so no matter how often it is cleaned, it will never have to be re-treated — meaning you get the benefit of a lifetime of stain resistance. 

The durability of these fabrics means that your furniture looks cleaner — and newer — for a longer period of time. With the average lifespan of new furniture ranging anywhere from seven to fifteen years, this is an important feature, ensuring that your sofa, chair, or chaise remains out-of-the-box sharp even after years of parties, playtime, and everyday life. 

Where to Use Performance Fabrics

Because they are so durable, performance fabrics are useful anywhere in your home. However, there are some areas that are particularly prone to wear and tear, such as:

  • Dining chairs, barstools, and other areas where you or your family eat daily
  • Outdoor seating areas or sunny spots in your home where regular fabrics may experience fading
  • Areas where your family gathers for entertainment such as media or living rooms

In addition, consider using performance fabrics in home offices if you work from home regularly.

Ready to Consider Performance Fabrics for Your Home?

There is no doubt that performance fabrics can enhance the beauty and livability of your home — and give you peace of mind that your furniture can stand up to years of daily wear and tear. At Kalluna, we have carefully sourced and tested our performance fabrics to bring you a wide range of colors and styles to suit your home’s function and personality. To learn more, contact your local Kalluna designer and to keep abreast of everything design, sign up for our newsletter, below, for creative ideas, inspiration, promotional offers.