Purchasing Furniture for Your Home

Purchasing furniture for your home, especially a sofa that gets used every day, can be intimidating.  Here are just a few tips to consider to help you get the coziest, and best quality sofa for your budget.

  1. The depth of the seat should be comfortable for the primary users.  Make sure your back is supported and that those afternoon naps leave you feeling refreshed.
  2. Check that your sofa and chairs are made from a hardwood frame.  Upholstered furniture must have a quality inner frame to last for years without warping, twisting or creaking.
  3. Ask about the joinery and avoid pieces that are assembled using staples, nails or glue.  You are looking for wooden dowels, wooden corner blocks, or metal screws and brackets.  
  4. Feel for the springs between the cushions.  They should be closely spaced and firm.
  5. Measure the couch and your doorways.
  6. Think about using performance fabric on pieces that have activity from kids or pets.  They are more durable and clean much easier.