Grand piano at the focus of the living room

Spring Makeover

Finally! It’s time to throw open the windows and say farewell to winter. With longer, warmer days it’s normal to feel the stirrings of wanting to give your home a makeover.  Especially if your décor hasn’t changed since you moved in! 

Take a short break from your normal routine and think about the top three things that you’d love to change about your surroundings. What will make you smile? Bring you joy? Once you have that manageable list of three things, it’s time to put your wheels in motion. 

Here are some simple suggestions that will give you the make-over happies: 

  1. Reframe or refresh your wall art. Try Corvallis’ vibrant artist community for that perfect new piece of local art that will energize your space.  

  2. Use the magic of mirrors to fill your space with light. 

  3. Keep the lamps, update old lampshades for a great way to add interest, texture and color.

  4. Splash up your bathroom with colorful designer towels. So. Many. To choose from.

  5. Change out cushions, throws or bedding for the easiest of refreshers. 

  6. Rearrange and rethink your rugs. 

  7. Add a backsplash in the kitchen or bath.

Call, or better yet, stop at our boutique and let us wow you!