Vendor Spotlight – Jaipur Living

At Kalluna Interior Design, we want to empower our clients to make educated and ethical decisions when purchasing products. We are proud to showcase Jaipur Living as one of our socially sustainable vendors who creates beautiful rugs, pillows, and décor. They promote community empowerment amongst their workforce by improving their weavers’ income, providing access to health care and education, and by encouraging gender equity. Here are a few ways that they achieve this:

  • Jaipur removes the middleman from the rug supply chain. This allows Jaipur’s weavers to be fairly compensated for their work and increases their income by approximately ten times.
  • Jaipur’s goal is to teach 30,000 illiterate weavers through their Adult Education Programs.
  • They formed rural health camps which has given 14,000 weavers access to health care services.
  • 80% of Jaipur’s weavers are women. Culturally, some women may be unable to leave their homes if they are responsible for taking care of their family. Weaving for Jaipur empowers these women to generate their own income.

Companies have the choice to include socially sustainable practices into their business model. Kalluna supports these socially sustainable companies, and we want to inspire our clients to do the same.


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