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2020: The Year of the Home

2020 will forever be the year that HOME took on a whole new meaning.   Each of us experienced the stay at home order in a myriad of ways, but the one universal truth is that our enjoyment of HOME is part of the fabric of WHO WE ARE.  Here are some tips for how I maximize the enjoyment of my space:

First, I understand the sun cycle of my home.  

Knowing where the sun will rise and set helps me to choose the best place to sip my morning coffee, read a book, or have a glass of wine.  One way to take care of yourself and honor your space is to move your favorite chair by your favorite window that receives the best light.  

Second, I Give purpose to place. 

A large home is not necessary to be intentional about how a space is shaped.  A small table or plant stand can create a cozy corner for journaling, reading or even just making a grocery list.  There is something very comforting about knowing where my journal sits for when I want to return to it.  

Third, I leave things right where they are used.

Admittedly I am not much of a neat freak and prefer my house to look like I live in it.  I also hate searching and retrieving things.  I leave my yoga matt and block right where I use them.  I hang colanders on the wall and leave recipe books out on the counter.  Having items where they are useful rather than tucked in a closet, drawer or bookcase is just a reminder that home is to be lived in.  

Fourth, I create flexibility in my furnishings.

Rather than have a variety such as different throw pillows for every room, I choose items that could coordinate in multiple rooms.  My furnishings are diverse but chosen with the idea that they could migrate to another room of the house and bring years more of delight.  A refresh on my home can be as simple as moving a table runner, pillow or throw blanket to another space.  In fact, there is a side table that has spent time in every room of the house.