Eco Friendly Home Decor

All of us are looking for affordable and sustainable ways to decorate our homes to minimize our impact on the environment while capturing timeless design.  Here are a few suggestions to make saving the planet a beautiful bonus to your interior design:

  1. Buy local.  It sounds simple, because it is.  Visit InkWell or Restyle for locally sourced items.
  2. Seek products from Certified B-Corps such as Uncommon Goods.
  3. Use natural materials such as rugs made of wool, sisal and grasses.
  4. Find products that are Certified recycled, Greenguard certified and Fair Trade.
  5. Choose upholstered furniture covered with performance or organic fabrics.
  6. Choose No VOC paints and Formaldehyde free furniture & cabinets.


Sustainable home decor is becoming easier to source and the future only looks brighter.  Small changes can make all the difference for our mother earth.