5 Interior Design Myths Keeping You From Your Dream Home

Maybe you have great style and taste but your home doesn’t quite reflect that. So you started following some interior designers on social media, but that hasn’t been much help and no matter how many throw pillows, vintage knickknacks, and trendy area rugs you bring home, something just feels… off.

You’re a smart, successful professional who has YouTubed every DIY project that has come up so far. Why would creating your dream home be any different? 

We know, we know… you don’t need an interior designer, you can figure it out on your own, right? There are many reasons people believe an interior designer is unnecessary or out of reach – many are myths that stop you from living in the home you’ve always wanted.


Interior design is easy. 

Do you know how to design a home so that visitors walk to the front door instead of the back? What about the best ways to improve workflow? How about your knowledge of sun cycles and light filtration? 

Interior designers are highly trained professionals who have years and years of experience. It is their job to know how to seamlessly blend function and beauty to deliver a personalized look and feel. It is not something you should want to undertake alone. 

Believing interior design can be learned from a few hours of research does you a disservice and honestly can be discouraging, especially when you keep buying furniture that doesn’t fit or décor that doesn’t work well. 

Interior design is a lifestyle. That means how you live and the best furniture for you is something only you can know. It is a designer’s job to get to the crux of who you are – and it should get personal, maybe even a bit uncomfortable at times.

An interior designer works with you, helping you identify, understand and then develop your personal aesthetic – and how to express it. When you know what you like vs what you love vs what you need, your dream home begins to build itself. 


Buying new furniture every 3-4 years is necessary. 

If you are buying furniture this often, one of two things is true: you are buying poorly-designed furniture or you haven’t had help finding pieces that you love. 

Well-designed furniture is constructed to last a lifetime and built to be lounged on, lived in and laid upon through the good and bad. It is supposed to move from home to home with you and will sometimes include a lifetime guarantee. Trendy furniture on the other hand is trendy – think the equivalent of fast fashion. 

We don’t know when furniture became disposable, but don’t let yourself fall into that trap. Furniture is essential to your daily life, and should be an investment, not an afterthought. Save up for couches, sofas, and chairs that are comfortable, durable, and beautiful. 

Core furniture pieces that you love help anchor your home; and changing these pieces around often leaves many homeowners with a muddled style in major need of cohesion. Your dream home is not disjointed, it is unified and tells a story – your story

Interior design is flashy. 

Glossy magazines and larger-than-life Instagram photos have overlooked a large aspect of design: functionality. How much glass do you really want in your home if you have small children? Is that incredibly impressive vintage coffee table in the middle of your living room worth it when you move it out of the way so that your kids can play on the floor? 

Interior design looks at your children and says, “Let’s get a large, plush area rug to add softness,” or asks “What do you think about substituting the coffee table for side drink tables?” 

Don’t copy what works for others believing it has to work for you too. Interior design is about optimizing the way you enjoy living; it is not about forcing you to live disingenuously. Your dream home knows your heart, and it knows when you’re living a lie.


Interior design is expensive.

Project creep is a real fear when it comes to interior design. Starting with a set budget, only to look up and find that costs are completely out of control is not a good feeling; it’s a terrible feeling! The fear of going over budget discourages many people from even attempting a professional home renovation or redesign. 

In our experience, interior design is as expensive as you allow it to be and becomes costly when communication between designers, contractors, and clients is neither frequent nor transparent. 

Clients oftentimes are so convinced that they will not be able to have what they want, they never take the time to ask in the beginning of the process. In all likelihood, adding a want or must-have in the middle of a project will send the costs soaring. 

By putting everything on the table from the start, interior designers get the opportunity to employ innovative methods for delivering must-haves and many of your wants on budget. Any client who isn’t totally honest, risks ending up with a design they are not happy with with an infuriating price tag. 

Take the time to get crystal clear on what your dream home looks and feels like, and it’ll result in a design that is anchored by honesty, sound planning and firm pricing. 

Interior design is a luxury.

Is it a luxury to enjoy the color of the walls that keep you safe at night? Is it a luxury to have a furniture set that fits the living room properly? Maybe it’s a luxury to have lighting that makes it easier to work in your home office or read to your kids. 

If you consider those things a luxury, then start treating yourself better right now.
At Kalluna, we believe that interior design is for everyone. The position of your TV affects your neck and eyes. The amount of light entering into your home affects your mood. Furniture that overwhelms a room, overwhelms you. 

The way you feel in your home is, in part, a reflection of design. Do you actually believe you deserve to live in the home of your dreams? 


Do you want to enhance your current home design?

Don’t hold on to the belief that professional interior design services are out of your reach. Design is for the long-haul and you’ll never get tired of the benefits, you’ll only want more. 

We remove the guesswork and stress of interior design with pre-packaged menu design options and transparent pricing. From consultations to help you get started on your own to full home design and floorplans, turning your dreams into plans is our thing. 

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